North Alabama Zoo Seeks Public Funding to Keep the Project Going

North Alabama Zoo

The North Alabama Zoological Society (NALZS) has announced that it is moving forward with plans to fund Phase 1 of the North Alabama Zoo.

The NALZS is proposing public funding, a model that has been successful with other zoos, and is seeking to bring the funding proposal to a vote in Limestone County.

NALZS is seeking support from the North Alabama community, to show Limestone County leaders that the zoo is something the community wants to support. If successful, residents would be able to vote on using public funds to help build the zoo during the General Election in November.

North Alabama Zoo
Concept map for the North Alabama Zoo
Image Credit: NALZS

“We feel it would be unfair to enlist local tax support without ensuring the final decision rests in the hands of Limestone County residents,” said an NALZS spokesperson.

The NALZS has been hard at work with Limestone County Leaders over the past year and a half developing a funding proposal for the first phase of the zoo.

“In conducting our research into how other zoos were established, NALZS has been fully aware that public funding would be essential for the large-scale nature of this project. With the aim of minimizing the financial burden on our community, we diligently explored every possible alternative before acknowledging that, indeed, public funding is crucial to achieve our goal.”

NALZS Press Release

If you’d like to support the North Alabama Zoo, keep an eye on the NALZS website as election season gets closer.