Huntsville’s Downtown Library Will Either Be Renovated or Rebuilt By 2026

Downtown Huntsville Library Rebuild or Renovate?

The City of Huntsville is trying to decide whether the Downtown Library should be renovated or fully rebuilt. To decide, city leaders have agreed to a $121,000 contract with KPS Group for architectural services.

In an interview with, City Administrator John Hamilton shared that the contract would help they city decide if it’d be better to renovate the Downtown Huntsville Library or rebuild it completely.

“The downtown [library] one is unique in terms of some of the services it provides beyond what you think of, just checking out books and things,” said Hamilton.

“It is the hub for the entire county. It is their offices that manage the entire county system…So it is not as simple as building a copy of the South Huntsville Library or the Madison Library.”

Hamilton told that in working on previous city projects, he’s found that it can sometimes be cheaper to build a new building rather than renovate an older building.

Regardless, the City of Huntsville is planning to rebuild or renovate the Downtown Library by 2026 (or sooner) due to various issues.

The current building was opened in 1987 and has a variety of mechanical and plumbing issues that need to be fixed. Further, according to District 3 City Councilwoman Jennie Robinson, the Downtown Library doesn’t have enough space or resources to preserve city archives properly.

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