Best Wings in Huntsville | 11 Restaurants from Mild to Wild

best wings in Huntsville, Alabama

Looking for the best wings in Huntsville, Alabama? Look no further than this list of 11 restaurants, featuring everything from classic sports bars to tucked-away Tiki bars. Whether you’re in the mood for boneless or bone-in, mild or spicy, traditional or off-the-wall flavors, there’s a spot on this list that will satisfy your cravings. So get ready to indulge in some of the most mouth-watering wings in Huntsville!

11 Best Wing Restaurants in Huntsville, Alabama

From “Nekkid” to Vietnamese-style wings, explore some hidden gems with this list of the best wings in Huntsville. With Huntsville’s various options, curating a personalized chicken wing for the summer is easy. Regardless of style, spice tolerance, or budget, there are plenty of new wing spots to discover.


best wings in Huntsville, Alabama
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This classic sports bar has been the reigning King of Wings since 1981, and with one look at their menu, you’ll see why. They offer traditional wings and hot lips (boneless wings) in counts ranging from 6 to 20. Their house-made wing sauces are sure to match the excitement of the restaurant itself, with choices like Mild, Jamaican Jerk, and Bring-Da-Pain. I have been to Bauhmhower’s many times and this is one of my personal favorite places to order wings.

The End Zone

The End Zone is anything but just another sports bar. Their primary focus is to deliver “spectacular food and service in a spectacular atmosphere,” and if you ask me: they absolutely deliver! With patio seating, live music, and NFL every Sunday, the End Zone has the perfect atmosphere for some of the best wings in Huntsville. Their menu displays wings sauces that are on the spicier side with options like Ghost Pepper Sauces and Cajun Hot Sauce. $1 Jumbo Wing Specials every Wednesday and ten brews on tap make the University and Jones Valley locations perfect wing spots for the summer!

A-town Wings

best wings in Huntsville, Alabama
Image Credit: A-town Wings

A-town Wings has provided the entire southeast with fresh chicken wings since 2008! A-town Wings is so committed to its guarantee to provide chicken as fresh as possible that they’ve eliminated the drive-through option from its Huntsville location. With high-quality wings at a great price, you can’t go wrong with choosing A-town Wings for your chicken wing destination!

Slim Chickens

Slim Chickens has a southern feel throughout its menu, interior design, and charming service. This is one of my favorite win spots in Huntsville, as Slim Chicken delivers on its promise to provide quality chicken in a relaxed environment that feels like home. While you will most likely be satisfied with any pick from their menu, the chicken wings at Slim Chickens do not disappoint. This successful restaurant carries wing sauces far from basic, including choices like Mango Habanero, Korean BBQ, and “Sriracha Garlic.” And with dipping sauces like Inferno, I suggest purchasing one of their hand-spun strawberry milkshakes to curb the heat!

Moe’s Original BBQ

best wings in Huntsville, Alabama
Image Credit: Moe’s Original BBQ

Moe’s Original BBQ has a special place in my heart for one reason and one reason only: their smoked wings! Get ready for your mouth to water because Moe’s consistently produces the best of the best wings in Huntsville. You can order one pound of wings in Buffalo, BBQ, or Dry Rub with a side of white sauce. Moe’s BBQ has excellent drinks, and if the thought of smoked wings isn’t already begging you to try this place out, the live entertainment will! As the name suggests, they also do all things BBQ very well! The home of the best-smoked chicken wings in Huntsville, AL, can be found at either their Providence or downtown Huntsville location.

Phat Sammy’s

A getaway is first on my list of things to do for the summer, and what better place to start than Phat Sammy’s? Come with me to a tucked-away Tiki bar guaranteed to sweep you away to your ideal vacation. The entire menu is unlike anything I’ve ever seen! Have your wings sauced in General Tso or spicy Vietnamese to give your taste buds the Tiki-cation they deserve. Located in the basement of an old office space, Phat Sammy’s has all the makings of a good summer vacation: great wings and amazing drinks!

Toybox Bistro

best wings in Huntsville, Alabama
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The Toybox Bistro is for the folks who love their wings with a side of character. The name is very fitting as the bistro displays a lot of collectibles, toys, and nerdy things! Located on Jordan Lane, the Toybox was once a go-to lunch spot for Werner Von Brauhn. Boneless wings are front and center on the menu, and for a good reason. You can order half a pound of boneless wings tossed in quirkily named sauces like “Hot Damn” and “BYFO (Burns Your Face Off). And if plain wings are more your speed, feel free to ask for your wings “Nekkid.”


Located on the northern side of Huntsville, Fatsy’s threatens our summer body’s with their amazing wings. And considering they have 50-cent wings daily, it’s hard not to indulge. Their wing sauces include everything from mild to honey gold and even feature their signature Fatsy’s sauce. Get to Fatsy’s this summer to enjoy their sweet sauces and spicy deals.

MK Wings

best wings in Huntsville, Alabama
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Some of the best wings in Huntsville can be found at MK Wings. This wing spot truly has something for everybody. Their menu features whole wing combos served with fries and a drink. You can also order up to 100 whole wings only. MK Wings also has Split Bone-in or boneless wings drenched in sauces like Jalapeno Ranch or Sweet and Chil. They also have dry rubs like Cajun and Jerk. MK Wings has outside seating, making this wing spot perfect for grabbing good wings with good summer vibes.

Just Wing It Food Truck

It’s not summer without food trucks!! While on the go this summer, check their Facebook page to see if you’ll be near the Just Wing It Food Truck. They guarantee gourmet sauces with their wings, including fun flavors like Hot Strawberry BBQ, Asian Fusion, and Pyro. They can be found “Wingin’ it all across North and Central Alabama” with their hand chicken wings. Owners post on Facebook where they will be for the week so you can grab your favorite wings on the go!


Another nostalgic college fav for me, Blessin’s, finishes our list strong with fresh, flavorful wings. Although it’s small and hard to notice on Triana Blvd, I guarantee that it’ll be hard to see anything else after one visit. Their menu features a summertime classic like lemon pepper, and your wings are guaranteed to be served fresh and with pleasant service.

These are just a few of the best wings in Huntsville. Whether you prefer to get your wings on the go at Just Wing It Food Truck or looking for a staycation at Phat Sammy’s, there is no doubt that Huntsville has the best and most diverse selection of chicken wings in the state. With options from plain old “Nekkid” to Inferno, I guarantee you’ll find your new favorite wing spot!