10 Best Playgrounds in Huntsville for Endless Family Fun

best playground in huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama might be known as a working town, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have something for the kids to do. In fact, Huntsville has some of the most diverse playgrounds, and some amazing locations to boot! And as a kid, I got to visit many of these same playgrounds and now, I get to talk about them! So here is a list of the ten best playgrounds in Huntsville.

10 Best Playgrounds in Huntsville, Alabama

Monte Sano State Park Playground

best playgrounds in Huntsville
Image Credit: Trip Advisor

Imagine having a playground right on top of a mountain, and inside a state park. Well, that is exactly what the Monte Sano State Park playground offers. A diverse mix of things are located in this park, with a retro lunar lander with a metal slide, a large “older” playground, and a smaller playground for those who are not as old yet. It even has a large metal teeter totter. What more could you ask for?

Maple Hill Park

Also known as Dead Children’s Playground, don’t get spooked by the name of one of the most iconic playgrounds in Huntsville. The Maple Hill Park playground located next to historic Maple Hill Cemetery is known for its ghost stories. Next to the Five Points neighborhood, this playground is purported to be haunted by the souls of children buried in the cemetery. However, you’ll mostly find a nice secluded park with swings, some climbing equipment, and a nice little green area to walk around. Maybe just don’t visit it after hours…

Kid’s Space Playground

best playgrounds in Huntsville
Image Credit: City of Huntsville

Kid’s Space Playground, Huntsville’s newest park, will open in Summer 2023. Located in John Hunt Park, it features slides, climbing objects, and more, showcasing Huntsville’s history and its future. The park will even have a tent-like structure to allow shade to cover the park, so no one will have to sweat it out even when just sitting on a bench. We can’t wait to see this park open for everyone!

Bud Cramer Park Playground

Located right next to Downtown Huntsville, Bud Cramer Park playground is just a walk away if you are staying nearby downtown hotels. It’s located across from the Lumberyard and the Furniture Factory, making it an easy walk if you have a little one who wants to release some energy after lunch or dinner. It has slides, swings, and so much more. It is also located right next to a small creek, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Hays Nature Preserve

Hays Nature Preserve
Image Credit: Huntsville.org

Perfect for a mix of playing and hiking, Hays Nature Preserve is located in Owens Cross Roads and has over 10 miles of trails, picnic areas, and of course, a playground. However, unlike others on our list of best playgrounds in Huntsville, this is a natural play area that incorporates nature. Hays Nature Preserve is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with family and enjoy some time in the great outdoors.

Cove Universal Playground

Located next to the Mark Russell Community Center in Hampton Cover, this playground is one of Huntsville’s newest, and is also the best playground in Huntsville for those who have disabilities due to its ease of access. This playground is for everyone, and is growing every day. With swings, slides, and things for kids to entertain themselves with, you can spend a whole afternoon here.

Optimist Park

best playgrounds in Huntsville
Image Credit: Bostick Landscape Architect

Optimist Park playground, surrounded by trees and coverings, is ideal for hot, sunny days. It features slides, swings, and a climbable medium-sized plastic rock. Plus, a walking track nearby offers exercise opportunities for the whole family. After a nice walk, kids can enjoy the playground equipment while the parents rest!

Brahan Spring Park Playground

Ever wanted a park that is a mixture of a universal playground, a splash pad, and a normal playground? Well at Brahan Spring Park, that is exactly what you have. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best playgrounds in Huntsville for spending a whole day, offering a multitude of different elements for kids to enjoy. Conveniently located just minutes from Downtown Huntsville, it’s an ideal spot to bring the family and let them burn off energy.

Dublin Park

Dublin Park
Image Credit: City of Madison

In 2022, Dublin Park’s Kids Kingdom playground underwent a significant renovation to add new features. With a $400,000 facelift, the updated equipment now caters to kids with disabilities. Moreover, the old wooden playground has been transformed with sustainable recycled materials, greatly enhancing its heat and sun resistance. Though technically located in Madison, the playground is definitely worth the drive.

McGucken Park

Located in South Huntsville, McGucken Park is one of the most underrated playgrounds in Huntsville. With plenty of tunnels, slides, climbing obstacles, and swings, there’s plenty to do. You can also use changing tables in the bathrooms and water fountains after playing hard. If you’ve got older kids, there are also pickleball courts, baseball fields, and easy access to Aldridge Creek Greenway.

Huntsville, Alabama, primarily known as a working town, offers abundant playgrounds for children of all ages and abilities. Each of the best playgrounds in Huntsville, from ghostly Maple Hill to the new Kid’s Space Playground, boasts unique charm and appeal. They also let families connect with nature, stay active, and explore the Rocket City.