The 7 Best Gyms in Huntsville For a Solid Workout

best gyms in Huntsville

If you’re looking for the best gyms in Huntsville, you’ve come to the right spot. I’ve lived in the Rocket City all my life and decided to put together a great resource for those who are looking to join a new gym.

While I haven’t tried all these gyms myself, I’ve researched them all thoroughly and believe I’ve put together a solid list of options!

Let’s get to it!

Burn Boot Camp

best gyms in Huntsville
Image Credit: Burn Boot Camp

Burn Boot Camp is all about training hard – like a real boot camp! At the core of this fitness center is high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that lasts for 45 minutes.

My wife goes to Burn Boot Camp multiple times a week. I went with her recently and let me tell you I haven’t sweated that much in years! I was honestly surprised at how good of a workout I got – I was sore for the next few days!

Of course, it also helped that it’s near one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Huntsville.

The workout includes a warm-up round, a challenging main workout, and a cool-off round. Each workout is designed to target different body areas, so you won’t be doing the same old workout day in and day out.

There are various membership options to choose from, there’s a childcare facility on site, and they offer nutritional guidance to complement your training program.

It’s a bit pricey, but if you can afford it, Burn Boot Camp truly is one of the best gyms in Huntsville.

  •  2030 Cecil Ashburn Dr. SE Suite 105, Huntsville, AL 35802
  • Monday-Thursday: 5 AM-11 AM and 4 PM-7 PM, Friday: 5 AM-11 AM and 4 PM-6 PM, Saturday: 7 AM-10:30 AM, Sunday: Closed
  • $69 a month
  • Learn More About Burn Boot Camp

Phaze 3 Fitness

best gyms in Huntsville
Image Credit: Phaze 3 Fitness

Smash your fitness goals at Phaze 3 Fitness – it’s certainly one of the best gyms in Huntsville!

This high-end health club is designed to offer a non-intimidating workout environment that caters to individuals of all fitness levels – plus it’s open until 10 p.m. on weeknights!

With cardio equipment, group exercise classes, personal trainers, and luxury amenities, like hydrotherapy and saunas at your fingertips – Phaze 3 Fitness promises an awesome experience!

Oh, and they have a kids’ club too!

  • 145 Plaza Blvd, Madison, AL 35758
  • Monday: 9 AM-4 PM, Tuesday-Thursday: 5 AM -10 PM, Friday: 5 AM-9 PM, Saturday: 8 AM-6 PM, Sunday: 10 AM-4 PM
  • $24.99 per month
  • Learn More About Phaze 3 Fitness

Orange Theory Fitness

best gyms in Huntsville
Image Credit: Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory Fitness Center’s wellness philosophy is based on the five heart rate zones. Ramp up your training and aim to spend 12 – 20 minutes in the ‘orange’ zone to boost your metabolism and shed those extra pounds.

This is the method to their madness – and I love it!

Heart rate training allows your Orange Theory personal trainer to customize workouts that are specific to you and your body.

No class is the same and you can expect all kinds of exercise movements within these group fitness settings, from rowing and cardio machines to strength training in the weight room.

It’s also in a great spot off of Bob Wallace, just across the Parkway from the new Stadium Commons development.

  • 930 Bob Wallace Ave SW #229, Huntsville, AL 35801
  • Monday-Thursday: 5 AM-7:30 PM, Friday: 5 AM-6:30 PM, Saturday: 7:30 AM-11:30 AM, Sunday: 8 AM-3:30 PM
  • $69 per month
  • Learn More About Orange Theory Fitness

Powerhouse Fitness

best gyms in Huntsville
Image Credit: Powerhouse Fitness

Powerhouse Fitness Center is the home of precision training and is open 24 hours a day!

This 16,000-square-foot gym offers ample space for your training needs, from designated deadlift areas, turfed high-intensity arenas, and a state-of-the-art functional fitness area, fully equipped with strength-building equipment.

Were you wondering about cardio equipment? Powerhouse Fitness has over 35 different pieces of cardio equipment on site (including a cycle room), to ensure members have a wide range of options for cardiovascular workouts!

Opt to workout on your own or sign up for personal training; either way, you won’t be disappointed and this is definitely one of the best gyms in Huntsville that is always open!

Oh, and when you’re done, be sure to stop by The Greenroom across the street for some of the best coffee in Huntsville!


best gyms in Huntsville
Image Credit: 24e

24e is another 24-hour gym in Huntsville, Alabama, with five other locations scattered around the state. This top-notch facility is widely recognized for maintaining its high-quality, modern machines and the locker rooms are always clean!

If you prefer training solo, no problem! 24e has a wide range of weightlifting, free weights, and cardio equipment for you to choose from.

But if group training is more your vibe, there’s an extensive range of yoga, Zumba, aqua, or strength training classes to go for!

They also offer childcare services which is fantastic for busy parents.

Bender’s Gym

best gyms in Huntsville
Image Credit: Bender’s Gym

Bender’s is a great place to break a sweat. Why? Because you’re part of a like-minded fitness community!

Their mission is to create a community with the best equipment, programs, supplements, and trainers in town – and they’ve done a superb job!

If you’re new to the gym scene, kick off your fitness journey with Bender’s 6-week Weight Loss Challenge. Or smash out the battle ropes in one of the group training sessions.

There’s so much to choose from that you definitely won’t have a problem figuring out which workout to do next!

  • 3760 AL-53, Huntsville, AL 35806
  • Monday-Thursday: 8 AM-8 PM, Friday: 9 AM-1 PM, Saturday: 9 AM-1 PM, Sunday: Closed
  • $35 a month
  • Learn More About Bender’s Gym

Planet Fitness

best gyms in Huntsville
Image Credit: Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is one of those gyms where you just feel at home, as it caters to all individuals no matter where they are on their fitness journey.

Members have endless options of fitness gear to choose from, such as weightlifting, group classes, personal training, and additional amenities like hydrotherapy baths and sun beds (for an extra fee)!

It’s also very affordable, starting at just $10 a month. This makes Planet Fitness one of the most affordable gyms in Huntsville.

Whether you want to pump iron in the weights room, run on the treadmill, or enjoy a group training session, Planet Fitness does it all!